Call for sessions now closed – call for abstracts coming soon


For session proposals we welcome standard paper presentations, workshops, round-tables as well as non-traditional formats such as events which might bring together recordings, performances, investigations, and debates.

Although there is an expectation that proposed sessions will be in-person, in keeping with the conference theme of ‘care’ we also welcome effective and imaginative online or hybrid proposals.

Rhythms of Care
Landscapes and buildings understood through rights to the city and through movement and duration.

Paying attention in architectural representation
Architecture’s cultivation of everyday life including human and non-human encounters through acts of (re)presentation.

The Patience of Placemaking
Tangible and intangible constructed contemporary and heritage environments at both micro and macro scales as acts of community care and participation.

Situated Martial Ecologies
Accommodating the aftermath of power in times of peace.

Being Careful
Activisms and situation co-creation.

Places of and for Pedagogy
Teaching each-other architectural humanities in places of resilience through acts of slowness and inclusivity.

The Soft and the Hard: Bodies, Machines, Biospheres, and Politics
Taking care in hostile environments.

Spaces of Care
Places of health and wellbeing.

Procuring Buildings
What if contracts, health and safety and building codes were situated ecologies of care?

Informal Utopias
The dispossessed and the unplaced: From no-place to spontaneous utopias.

Architectures of Reflexivity
Practices of reflection and diffraction: complex structures of care, dynamics of versatile co-existence, communities of care, building for mutual caring.

Carefully Does It
Patient practices of making and doing.

Taking Care Inside-out
Ecologies of the interior, ecologies of the exterior.