Call for Abstracts/Participation


Below is a full list of sessions running at the conference. The conference programme is in development and currently any session may run on any of the three days of the conference. Full conference programme to follow.

Some sessions invite participation and some are ‘on the day’ discussions and workshops. Some are hybrids.

Click on each to find out more:

Repair Stories: Coping and Making Do in Damaged Environment-Worlds

Sticking with the dance, caring over time

Caring for all Forms of Life

Patient Fieldwork and Careful Placemaking

Care-ful Mapping: practice, tools, and politics of architectural representation

Duty of Care

Ecologies of concrete: the sustainable practices of an unsustainable material

Architectural care for lixiviated soils

Care as a Cosmopolitical Category: Engendering a Relational Ecology of Architectural Practice

Homeless Housing: Architectural histories of incarceration and relief

Students in search of home

Commoning (in) Architectural Pedagogy

For the Love of Wellbeing: Developing an Architectural Typology of Health

Commoning practices in spaces of care and recreation: ‘Leisurescapes’ and ‘carescapes’
and commons as community or as public space

Drawing Attention: ways in which art practices can be used to engage, empower and activate architectural design students and academics, in troubled times.

Ethics: Why do we care?

Patience in Placemaking

The Patience of Placemaking through Knitting together

Dirty Pedagogies: Caring for a Polluted World

Drawing Attention to the Periphery

Live Writing as Care

The Ethics of Institutional Bureaucracy in Architectural Humanities

Workshop: Patience in Placemaking

Making and doing architecture with more than human perspectives: small scale care,
patient practices of city making

Translations in common/s as a matter of care

Architectures of Care: vanishing thresholds and blurred identities

Situated Pedagogic Ecologies of Care